All days afternoon beauty rituals. In day, you running between meetings, on calls, or doing errands on the weekend and prepping for travel. Wellness practices are the last thing on mind, but hectic are surprisingly some of the easiest times to sneak in new beauty rituals. Since most of our day during the week are quite scheduled, it makes carving out specific times to try new practices pretty doable. Put it in your calendar and you’re good to go.

Afternoon daily beauty rituals in your living room

Create recipes to fit seamlessly into the places you may be in the afternoon: your desk, the boardroom, on the subway, in your living room. The goal for these recipes is to make it easy for you to take some time for yourself when you need it most.

It’s interesting when you start experimenting with self care routines throughout your day. Remembering to take a few deep breaths is often more beneficial than consuming more caffeine and a stretch at your desk can fill the lungs and get the blood going in a way that a sugary snack at 3 pm can’t.

Regaining your stamina, energy and motivation during the middle of the day can help push you over the finish line in a productive and inspiring way, leaving you at 5 pm with more perspective and energy than if you had “powered through” your day by forgetting to drink water, breathe, stretch and carve out even just 30 seconds for yourself.

The world needs you to take care of yourself so you can be your best self, and that’s especially important in the afternoon amid all the hustle.

Sometimes the days can get away from you between meetings, projects, calls, family and friends, there are days when it might be hard to remember if you’ve showered. On other days, you may not have time to freshen up at home before heading out to a dinner, soccer practice or workout class.

Regardless of your schedule, you can feel a little more prepared for whatever the day throws at you by incorporating each of these naturally toning face mists into different parts of your daily routine. The essential oils chosen are made specifically for elevating simple moments throughout your day.

Green Tea Face Toner

A refreshing, feminine tea toner perfect for an afternoon reset. Applying green tea to the skin is a beautiful and natural way to balance and tone your complexion. The antioxidants found in the tea can help naturally balance the skin’s pH and have a slight mattifying effect leaving the skin not too dry but not too oily. This green tea toner is my favourite weekend DIY project that turns a simple tea on a Saturday morning into a beauty product that will last through the week.

For best results, keep this toner in the fridge, especially during warmer months, to ensure that it stays completely fresh and germ free since it contains no preservatives. Regardless of how long you keep it, making more shouldn’t be too much trouble—you can even make it daily if sipping green tea is part of your afternoon routine.

Goddess Hair Perfume, for when you want to smell amazing for yourself.

2 teaspoons base (see this page)
2 tablespoons filtered water or rose water
20 drops geranium essential oil
20 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops ylang ylang essential oil

There is something about the scent of hair that can change the way you feel about yourself. A mist of hair perfume before I go out the door makes everything feel complete. It’s also a great way to feel fresh on the go while travelling this blend of floral essential oils is my go to hair aroma, regardless of where in the world.

Floral aromas are energetically very powerful because of the volume of flower petals that go into making just a small amount of the oil. This energy is concentrated in the essential oil, and of the women centuries before me who used flower essences and essential oils in their beauty rituals.