Some people are naturally more morning people than others, but there are simple ways to trigger the brain and body into waking up that are more natural than hitting snooze and reaching for an espresso. As someone who is a morning person but also puts in late hours during the workweek, I’ve created some very strategic practices through trial and error that help me wake up and feel more refreshed by the time I get to the office.

Making yourself a morning person

In keeping with the theme of this book, these are incredibly simple tips that shouldn’t change your current routine too much. They’re really just ways to improve your daily morning habits and make them work a little more in your favour; this way, they become less of a necessity and more of an elevating experience for your wellness.


Many wellness publications and books talk about drinking warm lemon water in the morning. Regardless of whether the water has lemon in it, drinking room-temperature water in the morning is an incredibly effective way to start your day. After learning about the benefits of water in the morning, I realized that it actually has significant positive effects on your brain, your metabolism and your skin.

Your body is slightly dehydrated in the morning from breathing for 8 hours, not taking in liquids and possibly sweating. So, when you start the day off with a sugary breakfast and a dehydrating coffee, you can bet you’re only going to crash and get a headache an hour later, after becoming even more dehydrated. So, for the sake of my brain (and skin), I decided that if there was one wellness practice I would take seriously, it would be hydration.

Detox Water For Weight Loss

So, how to remember and how much to drink? I bought myself a glass carafe that I keep beside my bed with exactly 4 cups of water in it. I fill it up and put it beside my bed each night—it has a little glass that covers it, which makes for a stylish and convenient drinking experience.

When wake up, the first thing do after turning off my alarm is reach for the carafe of water. I don’t drink the whole thing while still in bed, but I try to get through at least half of it; then I finish the other half while putting on my makeup and waiting for my coffee to brew. This way, if I’ve done nothing else for my wellness that day, I know I’ve started the day rehydrated.


A diffuser in the morning can change the way you wake up. I keep one by my bed and use a relaxing blend in the evening and a citrus blend in the morning. Keep a diffuser in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and diffuse oils that naturally help you wake up. I love diffusing sweet orange and peppermint essential oils in the morning in the spring and summer months. In the fall, I usually go for something a bit more woodsy, such as spruce essential oil, and pair it with grapefruit essential oil.