Morning body rituals for health living. It truly surprises me how much you can fit into a early if you’re creative and intentional about it. Scurry from bed to laptop to shower to closet to bag to key to door. Now, pattern looks similar, but there are a few hidden practices and spa moments woven in between. These morning rituals help feel that front loaded day.

Morning body daily rituals for health living, essential oils, full detox

The morning is a time when you can set the pace and energy for the day. A shift in how you show up can happen if you take just a little time for yourself before taking on the world. Few ways to start the morning. Experiment each week and choose a few to try with the intention of finding some rituals that might become a more permanent part of your early routine. Happy creating and good beautiful.

Among the chaos of alarms going off, inbox alerts popping up or children calling you—no one will know you’ve created a little oasis in the shower. Here are one of shower rituals that incorporate aroma as a way to help cue the brain and body to wake up and function in a more alert and engaged state.

Eucalyptus Steam Shower. A few glorious minutes to yourself. This steam shower is for those mornings when you need an extra pick-me-up and a reminder to take a deep breath. Creating a quick eucalyptus steam is the perfect practice to awaken your senses gently and invigorate your respiratory system. And yes, it truly is the easiest and most cost-effective spa experience you’ll ever have.

Rarly routine during cold and flu season. The benefits of the eucalyptus essential oil are refreshing to the nose and throat. The heat from the shower water helps the volatile oils in the eucalyptus essential oil to vaporize, which allows the antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil to fill the shower. It’s a really simple and healthy way to start your day during a time of year when it can be especially hard to keep your wellness on track.

Full Body Detox Steam, An invigorating steam that wakes up your entire body. 15 to 20 drops of your favourite essential oils
This is a simple and super-invigorating way to feel a deep and intense cleanse of the skin, while fully enjoying the natural benefits of essential oils. Using grapefruit, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils in this detox steam because the hot water intensifies the aromas and I instantly feel refreshed and more awake.

Full body steams are also a great way to experience the topical benefits of some of your favourite essential oils. For this detox steam, you really only need two things: your favourite essential oils and a large face cloth or hand towel to bring into the shower with you.

Prepare a comfortable, hot shower.

While in the shower, wet a hand towel with the hot shower water, then ring out excess water. Apply the essential oils to the towel.


Wrap the towel around the back of your neck and your shoulders, then turn your back toward the shower.
Allow the heat of the shower and shower water to hit the towel.
Stand still and take 3 deep belly breaths. Breathe in through the nose, pause, exhale through the mouth, pause. Repeat 2 more times.
After the deep breaths, ring out the towel and use it to scrub the body, moving upward from the feet toward the shoulders in small circular motions.

One of other

Whether it’s sweater weather or beach time, this easy everyday sugar oatmeal scrub is perfect for combination skin or a combination of seasons. The oatmeal and coconut oil add moisture to the skin, while the sugar exfoliates and the grapefruit, tea tree and sweet orange essential oils leave your body smelling fresh and feeling cleansed. The essential oils chosen for this scrub provide a fresh and invigorating morning aroma and contain natural antimicrobial properties that help with truly cleansing the skin.

Consider it the perfect morning shower ritual because your skin should feel soft and cleansed every day of the week, and clean doesn’t need to mean stripped of its natural oils.

Essential oils are products that are versatile enough for anyone. Their aromas and benefits make them easy to use in the medicine cabinets and makeup or shaving kits of men and women alike. The following recipes are an easy introduction to the world of essential oils for men. Simple and cost effective, these recipes can help men replace some of the more traditional products in their bathrooms with natural alternatives that work just as effectively.