Natural hair perfumes. There’s nothing better than a flip of the hair that smells goddess like, healthy and full. This perfume are a hidden secret weapon for moments of intimacy, such as a date or special event, when people may be leaning in a little closer than usual to speak to you.

Natural health hair perfume, smells goddess like

Hair can sometimes hold scent better than a sweater or clothing, and the layers of scent you add to your body throughout the day can complement each other. They can even result in a dynamic and personalized aroma. The aroma of your morning face oils and the essential oils in your shower scrub may make up the first layer.

The next layer comes from a quick dab of your favourite natural perfume or a roll-on product on your wrists. Finally, the last layer that adds dimension to your personal aroma is your hair. I like using hair perfume as a quick, easy way to refresh. When customizing yours, choose aromas that help you reset and feel your best in the middle of the day. I’ve designed these recipes with three base options you can choose from depending on your hair type.

Witch hazel (non-alcoholic) is a great option for fine and oily hair because it helps diffuse the properties and aroma of the essential oils throughout the hair without weighing it down. Using witch hazel as the base will result in a more lightweight product that shouldn’t be used on more naturally dry hair.

The complexity and consistency of jojoba oil naturally mimics the oil produced on the scalp, which makes it a great base to use for controlling fly-aways without making the hair look too weighed down.

For a more dynamic, loose hold on the hair perfume, opt for aloe vera gel as your base. It’s especially nice for hair that’s exposed to warmer climates and is a nice way to add moisture without directly using oil.