Vital-e Microbiome Moisturize Defense Eye Cream by Peter Thomas Roth. Anti-blue light-weight and anti-getting older eyes skin cream that noticeably helps increase the skin barrier with crucial moisture to aid your skin’s. DARK CIRCLES AND BAGS.
This is a big topic and an area of concern for many people. There are many reasons for dark circles or bags under the eyes. I’ll explain the four most common and their treatments so you can hopefully figure out what type of “baggage” you have.

Vital-e Microbiome Defense Eye Cream by Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth Vital-e Microbiome  Defense Eye Cream In Beauty
Peter Thomas Roth
Vitale Microbiome Moisturize
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Water Drench Hyaluronic
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Hyaluronic Cloud Hydrating Vision Gel drenches skin area in a fluid cloud of real humidity and helps minimize the appearance of face lines, swelling and darkness. It gives you up to 72 time of hydration which is filled.
Tear Troughs

These we call by a truly memorable name, sorry: “tear troughs.” They are the depression between your undereye area and your cheek, which can be hereditary and most often appears in your twenties. You can see them better if light is cast on your face from the side, since they create shadows. Tear troughs can usually be improved with a hyaluronic acid filler, but don’t let your doc overtreat you!

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Cucumber Hydragel Eye

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Water Drench Hydragel

Drench Hydragel, Potent-c, Brightening

It’s a very thin-skinned area, and if you overdo it, you can actually get the opposite effect—too much fullness in the area, which frankly doesn’t look good. Remember that you can be unlucky enough to have more than one of the above issues, as many people do. So you may need to undergo multiple treatments to see improvement.

Deepest peel provides the most noticeable results but has the longest recovery. It is usually done with a high percentage of TCA, or another chemical called phenol. Phenol penetrates through to the middle layer of skin to remove damaged skin cells. The treatment is designed as a onetime treatment because it is pretty aggressive; it removes moderate lines, dark spots, and moderate scars.

Essentially, it’s getting to the very edge of safely removing the thickest amount of skin without causing permanent scarring or changes in pigmentation. A bandage usually covers the targeted skin during the one- to two-week healing process.

Higher maintenance is needed for the skin after a deep chemical peel, so follow your doctor’s postoperative instructions closely. Often, skin must be soaked multiple times daily. Ointment has to be applied daily for the first two weeks after treatment to prevent drying out and scabbing.

Your dermatologist will frequently prescribe antiviral medication to prevent a cold sore breakout, and will sometimes also prescribe antibacterial and antifungal medications to avoid local skin infections. Protect your skin from sun exposure for three to six months after treatment. Although greater care and longer downtime are needed for a deep chemical peel, patients will see a dramatic improvement in skin appearance. Results last up to a year or more.